The Data Connection - January 2014 Issue

Posted Date: January 31, 2014


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The Data Connection is an NCCI semi-annual communication series about data reporting news, data quality updates, reporting enhancements, recent communications, and more.

This edition of The Data Connection is dedicated to the theme, Connections to Quality Data, which will also be the focus of our January 2014 Data Educational Program.

This special edition includes the following articles:

  • The Data Collection Procedures (DCP) Committee—The Industry's Voice
  • Reporting Standards—Keeping the industry on the Same Page
  • Educational Opportunities—Knowledge at your Fingertips
  • Data Stewardship—The Secret's in the SAUCE!
  • NCCI's Data Quality Approach—Connecting the Pieces
  • Compliance Programs—Striving for Quality In, Quality Out
  • Information Security—Keeping Industry Data Safe and Sound
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