Data Transfer via the Internet - Webinar on Demand Now Available!

Posted Date: September 14, 2018

In July, NCCI announced enhancements to Data Transfer via the Internet (DTVI) and its File Tracking feature. These enhancements make DTVI your one-stop shop for sending, receiving, and monitoring data files sent between you and NCCI. A new Webinar on Demand is available on under Learning Center, Data Reporting, and then General Data Reporting.

Topics covered include:

  • How to Access DTVI
  • Navigating the Main Page
  • File Tracking Feature
  • New Summary Views
  • Electronic Transmission User’s Guide

The July enhancements to DTVI included:

  • Single screen for sending and receiving data files to and from NCCI—you no longer need to select different tabs to send files or to access received files
  • System alerts and enhancement pop-up messages upon accessing DTVI, with the ability to view messages even after being dismissed
  • New File Tracking tab available within DTVI
  • New summary views for files sent and received in File Tracking