Compliance for Unit Validation Resources Now Available

Posted Date: March 26, 2021

As NCCI nears completion of its transition from unit notifications to unit validation edits, we are modifying our method of evaluating compliance for edit resolution.

Data Quality Incentive Program (DQIP) Resources

NCCI uses the Data Quality Incentive Program (DQIP) to evaluate the timely resolution of suspect conditions. In May 2021, DQIP will replace the Notified Suspect Unit Data category, which evaluates notifications, with a new Validation Edits category.

To learn more, view the following resources:

For general information on DQIP, watch the Data Manager Dashboard—Compliance Programs and DQIP course from the Data Now Program.

Monitoring Your Validation Edits

To avoid experiencing any DQIP debits, NCCI recommends that you regularly monitor your validation edits, ensuring that you resolve the edits by the due date by providing either corrections or detailed explanations as warranted.

The following resources will assist your review: