NCCI's Carrier Executive Pulse Survey Defines Healthcare Costs and Uncertainty as the Top 2018 Challenge in Workers Compensation Insurance
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By NCCI Insights January 17, 2018

(Boca Raton, FL, January 17, 2018)—The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) is pleased to announce the results of its annual Carrier Executive Pulse. The Carrier Executive Pulse is a survey of senior carrier executives that identifies key industry issues which are "top of mind" for workers compensation insurers. For the fourth year in a row, carrier executives identified the US healthcare environment as their top concern for 2018.

"The results of our Carrier Executive Pulse help us focus our research and analytical efforts in the year to come on the issues that matter most," said NCCI President and CEO Bill Donnell. "In 2018, NCCI will focus more than ever on providing stakeholders the information and key insights they need to navigate through the complex workers compensation environment."

What follows is the complete list of top challenges that carriers identified for 2018:

  1. Rising costs, advances, and uncertainty in healthcare
  2. Political, regulatory, legislative, and legal environment
  3. Maintaining profitability both today and tomorrow
  4. The changing workplace and workforce
  5. The future of the workers compensation industry
  6. Opioid abuse and medical marijuana

NCCI conducted the annual survey in September 2017, polling the most senior executives at more than 100 carrier companies across the United States. NCCI’s Carrier Executive Pulse is part of an annual touchpoint program aligning the organization’s research and publishing initiatives with the issues most relevant to industry stakeholders. NCCI also surveys regulators’ concerns annually. NCCI’s research and topical articles can be found on

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