2017 Annual Report

Posted Date: May 18, 2018
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Bill Donnell
Bill Donnell, CPCU
President and CEO

Within the walls of NCCI, we talk a lot about our evolving culture. We talk about being more agile to better respond to stakeholders’ needs. We strive for strong engagement and clear alignment to ensure our energy and expertise are focused on our mission—to foster a healthy workers compensation system.

And while culture initiatives are often thought of as inward-looking exercises, that’s not how we see it. Our efforts to shape our culture and modernize our organization are all about external delivery. It’s about putting stakeholder value at the center of our world.

Our commitment to this industry is clear. Deliverables like accurate loss cost analysis, effective residual market management, and data availability are fundamental to our purpose.

But we strive to go further, to deliver beyond what is expected.

We see our role as a voice to help lead the discussion on keeping this industry vibrant and vital.

This year at our Annual Issues Symposium (AIS), I emphasized the collective need for Connecting in a bigger way. Connecting with each other, across our industry. Connecting using the latest technology. And connecting with the work, the worker, and the workplace of the future.

In 2017, NCCI took strides toward connecting with you on issues important to our industry. We shared research on topics from marijuana to SSDI. We ramped up our Insights section on ncci.com to provide you with an in-depth look at what’s happening across the regulatory and legal landscapes. And we highlighted return-to-work success stories, in partnership with affiliate carriers.

Already this year we have announced an Indemnity Data Call to enable new analytical possibilities in the future—an initiative that will help us better understand our challenges and opportunities ahead. And we’re rolling out “Plug In & Power Up,” a program to enhance our stakeholders’ access to the largest, most comprehensive database in the industry.

These efforts underscore our commitment to connecting in a more meaningful way. We are very proud of what we’ve accomplished, and we’re excited about what lies ahead.

I invite you to watch our Annual Report video. We have a remarkable story to tell about an organization committed to the success of the industry it serves.

  • We are a group of experienced, dedicated professionals who deliver on our commitments to the industry
  • We have a positive impact on our local community and contribute to enhancing the social reputation of the workers compensation system
  • We never lose sight of this industry’s purpose—serving employers and protecting their workers

Delivering more value to our stakeholders; that’s what’s behind the evolution of our culture at NCCI. It helps us stay connected to your needs and, more than ever, it’s how we remain The Source You Trust.

We hope you feel the difference in every interaction you have with our team members.


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