2015 Annual Report

Posted Date: May 6, 2016


Today, NCCI is performing exceptionally well.

Since our founding in 1922, NCCI’s mandate has been to provide products and services critical to the healthy operation of the workers compensation system—tools and resources that few other participants in the industry can offer.

NCCI is the workers compensation expert ... and we constantly strive to provide tangible value to our stakeholders. We continue today to meet and surpass the demands that the industry rightfully places on us for excellence in all of our products and services.

It is clear that the strengths of our organization—our people and their focus on customer relationships, our processes and the relentless pursuit of quality products and services, and our focus on our core responsibilities—are highly valued.

It is important to affirm that NCCI’s focus on these core responsibilities is unwavering and that our entire staff remains dedicated to providing outstanding results to all of our constituents. We understand our critical role—and the critical responsibility—that we hold in the industry.

The industry itself is facing a number of important tests, from rising drug and healthcare costs to new political and judicial challenges. And we’ve recently witnessed new challenges from some in the press. These trials, along with the ongoing change that is ever present in our workers compensation system, mean that our market today is transforming.

To be certain, change is all around us—but the most important element for our workers compensation system’s future success is our dedication to adapting to the changes that will shape our industry in the years ahead.

Today, NCCI is well positioned to be a leader in that effort. In fact, we’ve successfully filled that role for nearly 100 years of constantly changing market conditions. We are confident that we will continue to successfully grow and adapt as our system continues to change.

During 2016 we will be working diligently to add value to our member companies and the workers compensation system. We appreciate your feedback and partnership, and we will be doing our very best to surpass your expectations.


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